Our strategy is to be the leader in the development of pluripotent stem cell-based technologies and to apply those new technologies in the treatment of diseases that afflict large numbers of people worldwide. Our technical focus is in three areas of regenerative medicine: stem cells; hydrogel-based biomaterials for the culture and delivery of therapeutic cells; the core technologies needed to culture, differentiate and manufacture stem cells, and; the use of our stem cell-based knowledge for the development of cancer diagnostics.

PureStem® Cells

PureStem® Cells

Technology to direct clinical-grade human embryonic stem cells to become cells for the treatment of degenerative disease. PureStem Technology to derive clonally pure, unique PureStem embryonic progenitors providing scalable cultures to produce therapeutic cells free of potentially hazardous pluripotent stem cells.

> PureStem® Embryonic Progenetor Cells

HyStem<sup>®</sup> Hydrogels

HyStem® Hydrogels

BioTime's HyStem hydrogel technology is based on a unique chemical cross-linking strategy to prepare hyaluronan based hydrogels from chemically modified hyaluronan and other constituents. The result is a biomaterial that mimics the natural extra-cellular matrix environment in which cells live. These materials have applications in therapeutic cell delivery, delivery vehicles for bioactive molecules, 3-D cell culture, stem cell differentiation and tissue engineering.

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